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General Music and Band Teacher
Traver School
Open until filled


Allyssa Andersen

Position Details

$45,000 Base Salary
183 day contract
Full Time
The Linn J4 School District is accepting applications for a 1.0 FTE General Music and Band Teacher at Traver Elementary School for the 2024-25 school year. We are so excited to meet the next member of our staff!

We are a small rural 4K-8 school and district located south of beautiful Lake Geneva. The school has been here since 1837 and started as a one-room schoolhouse. We have small class sizes (our biggest class is 13 kids!), so teachers are really able to work with students and get to know their learning styles. There is one teacher per grade level through grade 4 and small team of teachers at the middle school level, grades 5 through 8. Our kids are great and really try their best. Our families are awesome, too!

As a staff, we are working on building teacher clarity for students based on Hattie's work. We are learning about using student data effectively. We also have a Trauma Sensitive Schools (TSS) team who meets regularly to provide resources and professional development for the staff.

We are looking for a person with growth mindset--both with students and with self. The right person will be a team player, be curious and reflective, and have a desire to put students' needs first. You'll have 4Kers through 8th graders in general music and 4th through 8th in band.  Our current teacher uses Quaver Music for curriculum, so that is also an option for our next teacher.

Candidates interested in applying also need to be able to be independent within their own scope of work. We offer mentoring to help for a smooth transition into the position as well as guidance throughout the year. We welcome both new and experienced teachers to apply.

Pay and Benefits:
Starts at $45,000 and will be competitive based on experience. Contracted for 182 days, holidays and summers off.
Health insurance- single or family. District pays 88%, Employee 12%. Deductible is an unheard of $250 single/$500 family!
Dental insurance- single or family. District pays 100%.
Long-term disability- district pays 100%
Voluntary employe paid: Life insurance (district pays 20%), vision insurance
Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) plus a $1,000 annual retirement HRA which is fully vested upon departure of the district.
Annual deposit into a retirement HRA which is fully vested.
Employees can elect to contribute to a 403(b).
Health and/or dental insurance may be waived and instead receive cash-in-lieu.

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The District does not discriminate on the basis of any characteristic protected under State or Federal Law including but not limited to, race, color, age, sex, creed or religion, handicap or disability, marital status, citizenship status, veteran status, membership in the national guard, State defense or reserves, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, arrest record, conviction record, use or non-use of lawful products off the District's premises during non-working hours or any other characteristic protected by law in its employment practices.

Candidate Requirements

  • Music (General)
  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Transcripts & Licenses/Certifications