Alternative High School Instructor - Vacancy ID: 195647

Vacancy Details

Alternative High School Instructor
Abbotsford School District/Middle-High School


Melissa Pilgrim
MS/HS Principal
715-223-6715 x 4060

Position Details

According to experience and board policy
2024-2025 School Year
Full Time
The School Districts of Abbotsford and Colby, through a consortium effort, are accepting applications for a full-time Alternative High School Instructor. Candidates will have the primary responsibility to facilitate learning in an on-campus environment for students who may benefit from a more personalized program and curriculum that will lead to a high school diploma. Abbotsford serves as the fiscal agent for the consortium. The candidate must exhibit an educational philosophy which places the primary emphasis on student learning. The candidate must have a level of expertise in the multiple content areas to complete the requirements needed to obtain a high school diploma. The candidate must have an uncompromising commitment to learning, displaying a positive and proactive approach to student achievement. Excellent communication skills, commitment to the educational process, fostering consensus and collaboration, the ability to see multiple perspectives, along with a proficiency in the use of technology are traits required of the successful candidate. Alternative Education (1952) license preferred but not required. Co-curricular opportunities available. EOE.

Candidate Requirements

  • Alternative Education
  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Transcripts & Licenses/Certifications