Preble Football Varsity Head Coach - Vacancy ID: 193152

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Preble Football Varsity Head Coach
Preble High School
Open until filled


Dan Retzki
Director of Athletics & Activities

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$5,360 rider
August-November; Monday-Saturday
Part Time
Green Bay Preble High School is searching for a Football Varsity Head Coach starting with the 2024-25 season. A successful candidate for this position will be able to demonstrate or will possess: 1. Coaching experience in the sport of football that has demonstrated success for its student-athletes 2. A coaching and learning philosophy that includes thoughts on the role of athletics, winning and losing, competition, players, school, and community 3. Exceptional interpersonal, organizational, and communication skills 4. A leadership role in developing summer opportunities so as to ensure athlete development within the sport program they are applying for 5. The ability to effectively plan and organize scheduling, budget and transportation demands within the sport program in cooperation with the Director of Athletics & Activities 6. The ability to work diligently with the athletic staff to assist all student-athletes within the sport program that maximizes their academic as well as athletic potential 7. The ability to support and initiate Booster Club efforts with regard to membership and fund-raising Potential teaching openings may be available. All applicants are encouraged to apply for the position on WECAN at Inquiries can be made to: Dan Retzki – Associate Principal/ Director of Athletics & Activities Green Bay Preble High School 2222 Deckner Avenue Examples of Specific Responsibilities: 1. Teach every athlete the rules of good sportsmanship 2. Govern themselves in complete accord with the WIAA rules and regulations 3. Give diligent attention to every athlete’s physical condition before, during, and after every contest 4. Enforce all rules of eligibility and other rules and regulations governing athletic contests 5. Have knowledge of the rules and regulations governing the sport. Inform every athlete of the rules governing participation in the sport 6. Responsible for the care of all equipment and facilities 7. Responsible for all keys of the coaching staff 8. Keep proper records or participation and submit a list of award winners to the Activities Director upon completion of the season 9. Keep past and current records of the sport (letter winners, won/lost, individual and team records, and special awards). A copy of these records should be given to the Activities Director at completion of the season 10. Assign each athlete a locker in team rooms after the team has been established if applicable 11. Direct team members to keep the locker area free of litter. No cleats or spikes are to be worn in the locker room or any other part of school 12. Provide direct visible supervision of locker room before and after practice 13. See that all athletes are out of locker room before coaches’ leave and all doors are locked 14. Attend all coaching staff meetings 15. Know the legal aspects of negligence and liabilities 16. Give complete loyalty and support to fellow coaches, athletes, and the established athletic policy 17. Make sure all players are Academically, Medically, and Behaviorally eligible 18. Responsible for the treatment and reporting of injuries sustained by athletics in practices or competition 19. Following a serious injury the coach should secure a signed physician’s approval before and athlete returns to participation 20. No athletes are to be in the training room unless under the direct supervision of their coach 21. Responsible for the direction, supervision and instruction of all activities and personnel assignments 22. The Head Coach in each sport at the high school level will be responsible for the total program in grades 9-12. The coach will work with both the middle and high school Athletic Directors in helping to fill all assistant coaching positions. The coach will recommend persons for coaching assignments to the appropriate Activities Director directly for consideration. The coach’s responsibilities will include the following: a. Assign duties and responsibilities to all assistant coaches, grades 9-12 b. Determine the methods of instruction and communicate them to all coaches, grades 9-12 c. Work with the assistant coaches in the placement of players on all squads, grades 9-12 d. Decide on the style of play and recommend implementation of that style on all levels 23. Keep an up-to-date inventory of all equipment and requisition all new equipment at the time designated. A complete inventory of all equipment, supplies, and names of those athletes that did not return issued equipment shall be submitted to 24. the Activities Director at the end of the season 25. Establish a program roster and exchange information with scheduled opponents 26. Because of liability, participants in team practices must be limited to school personnel 27. Coordinate duties and responsibilities with the duties and responsibilities of the Athletic Director and/or Building Administrator
Qualifications Required: Education: High School Diploma or Equivalent Experience: Strong organizational and leadership skills. Works collaboratively with all constituents. Qualifications Desired: Education: DPI Licensed Teacher Experience: Successful experience as a teacher

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