1.0 Physical Education Teacher - Vacancy ID: 187709

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1.0 Physical Education Teacher
Jefferson Elementary School (.7 FTE) / Carl Traeger Elementary School (.3 FTE)
Open until filled


Amanda Patza

Position Details

Starting Salary $46,209.00 (23-24 school year)
Full Time
QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Current Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction certification in areas taught. 2. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable. PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Perform teaching duties in a professional manner. 2. Establish rapport with staff. 3. Apply/incorporate district curriculum guides and use Board of Education approved goals and objectives. 4. Develop goals, objectives and daily lesson plans with Board of Education approved curriculum. 5. Plan for ongoing assessment of student performance. 6. Include recent references, media and materials with help from specialists. 7. Stress basic/essential concepts and facts. 8. Utilize accurate materials and examples. 9. Specify learning objectives. 10. Teach to objectives. 11. Provide effective learning activities and experiences. 12. Provide feedback to students and parents. 13. Demonstrate knowledge of subject matter. 14. Provide closure to lessons and activities. 15. Evaluate student progress and follow district Board of Education approved reporting guidelines. 16. Maintain the physical environment provided in ways that are safe and conducive to instruction and learning. 17. Demonstrate effective classroom management and communicate with parents and administration regarding discipline problems. 18. Direct activities in an orderly fashion. 19. Follow Board of Education approved policies and administrative guidelines. 20. When applicable, implement State of Wisconsin standards/mandates, (i.e., integrate computer literacy, economic education, health education, environmental education, guidance, drug and alcohol prevention, education for employment, and safety education into all areas of the curriculum). 21. Participate in faculty meetings and other relevant meetings (department head, grade level, subject area, etc.). 22. If applicable, administer group standardized tests as needed and utilize results to improve instruction and monitor student outcomes. 23. Create an effective learning environment through functional and attractive displays of student work, bulletin boards, and other interest areas. 24. Have conferences with parents as needed. 25. Attend parent-teacher organization meetings as necessary. 26. Participate in development and implementation of district and school improvement projects. 27. Emphasize higher order thinking skills. 28. Such other duties as may be determined by the administrative staff within parameters of the master agreement, Board of Education policies, state statutes, and administrative rules.

Candidate Requirements

  • Physical Education
  • Resume
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Custom Questions