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Special Education Aide
Lake Country Academy
Open until filled


Katie Beine

Position Details

$15.00 per hour
Full Time
Assist with daily classroom activities and educational requirements. Should be sensitive to individual needs, able to relate well to several teachers and students, and knowledgeable in all academic areas. Prepare materials and perform required paperwork. Other duties as assigned by the teacher or administrator.
1. Minimum of two years of college (48 credits), an associate degree. 2. Must hold a Wisconsin DPI Special Education Program Aide license or be certifiable. 3. Prefer someone who is computer literate. 4. Ability to work with teachers and students in the academic classroom, as part of the special education team, one-on-one, and in small tutoring groups. 5. Ability to work with students with special needs at the elementary and middle school level. 6. Assist teacher in providing instruction to individuals and groups of students, and supervising classroom activities for example: must be able to model correct language techniques, grammar, and articulation as well as correct reading miscues. 7. Ability to work as a team member. 8. Ability to diffuse difficult situations and problem-solve with students. 9. Ability to supervise students in classrooms, hallways, playground, lunchroom, and throughout the building. 10. Must be CPI trained or willing to be trained. 11. Willing to be trained in Direct Instruction and become familiar with the Core Knowledge curriculum. 12. Ability to perform additional tasks to support student learning.

Candidate Requirements

  • Letters of Recommendation