ESOL Bilingual Teacher Assistant - Vacancy ID: 163797

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ESOL Bilingual Teacher Assistant
Read Elementary School
Open until filled


Shannon Mraz
Employment Coordinator

Position Details

As soon as possible
$15.81 / hour
7.5 hours per day
Full Time
ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: 1. Follow district, building, and departmental policies and procedures. 2. Treat all students, staff and parents and others encountered on the job with respect, compassion and patience. 3. Maintain confidentiality of information regarding students and staff. 4. Be responsible and punctual. 5. Interpret as requested for students, ESOL and mainstream teachers, administrators, school nurses, school counselors, Care team meetings, parent/teacher conferences, ESOL parents, school psychologists, speech therapists, and school social workers. 6. Make parent contact by phone, notes, and home visits. 7. Apprise appropriate staff or authorities of concern for students health or safety. 8. Attend scheduled ESOL meetings. OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. May be asked to participate in team processes for continuous improvement. 2. Perform such other appropriate duties as may be determined by the professional staff within parameters of the master agreement, board of education policies, state statutes, and administrative rules. 3. Attend workshops and meetings.
QUALIFICATIONS: 1. High School diploma or its equivalent. 2. Experience working with children in a structured setting is preferred. 3. Able to interact tactfully, effectively, positively, and courteously with parents, students, staff, and others encountered on the job. 4. Able to follow written and verbal directions. 5. Ability to perform basic language, writing, and computational skills. 6. Able to speak, read, and write in first language. 7. Able to translate written materials in first language. 8. Knowledgeable of subject matters (i.e. math, science, history, etc.) 9. Basic computer literacy skills including word processing. 10. In lieu of the above qualifications, the district may consider appropriate alternatives to the above qualifications.

Candidate Requirements

  • Resume
  • Custom Questions