Middle School Social Studies - Vacancy ID: 144776

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Middle School Social Studies
Fox River Middle School
Open until filled


Denise Woodruff
Human Resources
262-514-8250, ext. 5400

Position Details

43000.00 starting wage
8 hours per day, M-F for 190 days
Full Time
The Waterford Graded School District is seeking applicants for a teacher for Middle School Social Studies beginning in August 2020. Required Qualifications: • Candidate should possess a passion for middle level education that develops relationships with students and fosters a love for learning in them. Candidate should also demonstrate background/experience with social studies, technology, formative assessment, differentiation and sound classroom instruction. Effective communication and collaboration traits with parents, staff and administration are important. • WI DPI: Certifications considered: Code 1088, 1701 with the grade levels to include 6th-8th Teacher Expectations: • Prepare and deliver meaningful and engaging lesson plans, interventions, enrichment, remediation, advising and assessments which have academic rigor. • Hold themselves and their students to high standards for achievement and success academically, behaviorally and socially • Commit to student growth and achievement by the tracking and use of the state, district and formative assessments • Analyze data with students and the learning community to set individual learning plans as well as overall team goals • Incorporate technology into daily teaching • Reflect on their own teaching and use learning communities to create their personal cycle of growth and development as a teacher and community member • Are open to feedback from the learning community taking advice, corrections, direction and support in the spirit of continuous improvement • Know and learn each student’s needs, skills, abilities as well as challenges; be able to identify when a student needs an intervention or assistance from yourself or another professional and make the appropriate referral • Actively participate in required meetings and all professional duties • Co-plan and co-teach as determined by principal • Support the mission, vision and values of the Waterford Graded School District • Foster an environment and culture which promotes learning, respect, trust and responsibility • Ability to communicate effectively in writing and orally • Commitment to the belief that all children can learn • Strong content-area knowledge • A mindset focused on growth, and willing to accept feedback and improve upon instructional strategies and classroom management skills.

Candidate Requirements

  • Social Studies
  • Elementary/Middle Level Education
  • Regular Education
  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Custom Questions
  • Transcripts & Licenses/Certifications