Cheer Advisor - Vacancy ID: 142770

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Cheer Advisor
Sparta High School


John Blaha
Athletic Director

Position Details

Position Title and Location Cheer Advisor at Sparta High School Duties of the Position: Oversee all aspects of the cheer program and ability to organize and implement a cheer and stunt program. Instruct student athletes in the fundamental skills, strategies and physical training necessary for them to realize individual and team success. Provide instruction that will lead to the formulation of strong and upstanding character, pride of accomplishment, self-discipline and self-confidence. Promote student academic excellence as a component of a cheer and stunt program. Coach and supervise at practices, home and away events. Implement a program designed to improve performance and reduce the incidence of injuries to student athletes. Be involved in the community-based youth cheer programs. Coordinate and/or facilitate summer and fall open gyms and practices Special Skills Required: The preferred candidate will have knowledge and background in cheer and stunt, in the art of coaching high school age students, and coaching experience. Additional skills would include the ability to work collaboratively with parents, coaches, booster club, youth programs and administrative staff to provide the best possible experience for our student-athletes. Ability to organize, monitor, motivate and educate student athletes. Leadership ability enabling cooperation, collaboration and respect among athletes and coaches. Understanding of the dynamics, expectations and realistic demands of a high school experience Degree/Special Training Required: Certified and will maintain certification in First Aid, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certification and AED operation. Work Schedule of the Position: Must be available for regularly scheduled practices, games and competitions during the Fall & Winter season. Internal applicants submit a letter of interest to John Blaha.

Candidate Requirements

  • Resume
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Transcripts & Licenses/Certifications