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School Counselor
High School (Grades 9-12)


Nicole White
Director of Human Resources
920-885-7300 ext. 1112

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Full Time
School Counselor - High School DPI licensure #7054 required. Three or more years of successful school counseling experience at the High School level is preferred. Background in dealing with mental health and trauma related challenges preferred. Position will be in tandem with other Student Services staff. The Beaver Dam Unified School District seeks an experienced, skilled, and highly motivated school counselor with strong leadership skills to join our Student Services Team. 1. Responsible for the delivery of a comprehensive school counseling program so as to help students overcome problems that impede learning, and to assist them in making educational, vocational, and life plans. 2. Provide preventative and responsive services, integrated within the regular school program. 3. Conduct individual, group, or facilitative counseling for children/adolescents who would benefit from behavior modification or other therapeutic interventions. 4. Confer and consult with teachers and parents whenever necessary about students on topics such as mental health, social/emotional development, behavioral and academic interventions, and interpreting data. 5. Attend parent/teacher conferences, problem solving meetings (PST), and school intervention team. 6. Participate on IEP teams and 504 Case Management. 7. Coordinate state and school testing. 8. Serve as the liaison person between school and community agencies (social, mental health, juvenile court). 9. Attend staff, professional, and interagency meetings to promote communication and positive relations to enhance services to students. 10. Assist with in-service training of school personnel about child development, multi-tiered system of supports (RtI & PBIS), mental health, and other topics deemed needed to improve services to students. 11. Keep abreast of new developments in the field and conduct appropriate research to improve services to students. 12. Serve as a role model for students/staff by conducting self as a responsible, ethical, and culturally sensitive citizen. 13. Serve as liaison between the Director of Student Services and building administrators and staff. 14. Perform other duties as assigned by administration. 15. The successful candidate must be a relentless champion believing all students can and will succeed. 16. The successful candidate will agree to and abide by the Collective Commitments of the school they serve. The individual must have the ability to work effectively with students, parents, and teachers in groups and individually and must possess knowledge of child development and social emotional learning. Candidates must be highly organized, skilled presenter, have experience with curriculum design aligned to standards, use data to inform school counseling services, as well as be proficient in their understanding and delivery of the Wisconsin Comprehensive School Counseling Model. This job requires a high level of confidentiality, flexibility, proactive problem-solving, and excellent communication skills.

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