Instructional Coach - Vacancy ID: 138625

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Instructional Coach
Southside Early Learning Center


Diane Everson-Riley

Position Details

7.5 hours 5 days a week
Full Time
Duties of the Position: *The instructional coach serves as a part of a collaborative teaching team and will be responsible for bringing evidence-based teaching practices into classrooms. *The coach will be working with and supporting teachers, teacher assistants and administration with the goal of improving student achievement. *The instructional coach provides individual and group professional development that will expand and refine the understanding about effective instructional strategies. *The instructional coach will provide personalized support that is based on school-wide goals and the individual teacher’s goals. Special Skills Required: Responsibilities: *Provides encouragement and support to teachers. *Is positive and open to changes. Willing to meet people where they are at and move them forward. *Assists teachers with designing instructional decisions based on assessment data. *Assists teachers with specific classroom activities when requested. *Provides support for classroom motivation and management strategies. *Assists teachers in creating materials that are in alignment with curriculum. *Provides assistance in researching instructional and/or curriculum issues. *Facilitates the professional development of teachers. *Creates positive relationships with staff and administrators. *Communicates and demonstrates researched-based instructional practices that result in increased student achievement. *Demonstrates willingness to assume leadership positions. *Demonstrates knowledge using a variety of assessment tools. *Demonstrates knowledge of curriculum and subject matter. *Provides support in analyzing student assessment data. *Manages time and schedule flexibility that maximizes teacher schedules and learning. *Works positively toward meeting identified district and building improvement goals. *Develops and maintains a confidential, collegial relationship with teachers. *Possesses an understanding of when to contact administrators regarding issues of safety/ethics involving students in the classroom observed. *Performs duties as assigned by the Principal or Director of Teaching and Learning. Work Schedule of the Position: 7.5 hours; 5 days a week Deadline: Thursday, April 21 Start Date: September 2022; August Inservice Days Contact Person/Supervisor: Diane Everson-Riley Internal Applications please email a letter of interest tot

Candidate Requirements

  • Resume
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Custom Questions
  • Transcripts & Licenses/Certifications