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Registered Dietician


Pattie Pilz
Executive Assistant

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Averages 4 hours per month.
Part Time
The Sheboygan Area School District is in need of a dietitian to assist with the nutritional well-being of our staff and their family members. The successful candidate will have a proven track record of conducting nutrition assessments, working with patients with multiple medical conditions, and supporting nutritional behavior changes. You should also actively keep up with the latest nutritional research, integrating new findings into nutritional plans and services. The ideal applicant has experience listening to patients’ needs, providing nutrition education to patients, and mitigating risk factors. The Registered Dietitian should be a great communicator, critical thinker, and leader. You should be comfortable working one-on-one with patients and be able to quickly establish trusting relationships both in-person and in a virtual environment. Responsibilities • Develop nutrition plans and implement interventions based on the patient's current health • Complete assessments of clients and adapt nutrition plans as needed • Implement personalized, age-specific, and culturally appropriate nutrition strategies • Deliver client nutrition recommendations to physicians, nurses, and aides • Provide nutrition education and counseling for patients Hours • Number of hours is sporadic depending on the need • Hybrid remote sessions may be an option • Position is classified as a casual employee • Hours are primarily before/after school hours and on weekends
Requirements • Wisconsin resident • Must be a Registered Dietitian • At least two years of related experience • Bachelor's degree in nutrition, dietetics, or related field Skills • Excellent interpersonal skills • Strong problem solving and organization skills

Candidate Requirements

  • Letters of Recommendation