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Network Administrator
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Samantha Teeters
HR Assistant
920-387-7963 x1004

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As soon as possible
Competitive Based on Experience
Full Time
QUALIFICATIONS: The Network Administrator should possess an educational or experiential background in computer networking in an educational atmosphere. Additionally, the individual shall possess experience or demonstrate personality traits suggesting the ability to work successfully in an environment involving children of varying ages. JOB GOAL: This position shall provide support for all phases of computer usage. The main focus shall be network design, installation, security and efficiency along with workstation setup for the educational and administrative needs of the district. PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Develop and maintain a data and communications network based on best practices and industry standards to support the administrative and educational functions of the district. 2. Maintain a secure and robust data and communication link to the world wide web that supports ongoing district educational goals. 3. Develop and maintain a secure and stable data storage system. Provide regular, timely data back-ups and ensure compliance with state and federal guidelines and regulations. 4. Develop, document and maintain a current plan and mechanism for the recovery of data in the event of a disaster. 5. Maintain and document a current network map, inventory of equipment, and updated warranties. 6. Research and secure the services of outside vendors to support network initiatives, acting as primary contact and internal project manager. 7. Monitor the usage of the network computer equipment to ensure user compliance with the district’s policies including the AUP (Acceptable Use Policy). 8. Participate in formation of the annual technology budget. 9. Work in collaboration with the technology team including the Educational Technology Specialist, Director of Teaching & Learning, principals, and others to ensure ongoing communication in support of the administrative and educational goals of the district. 10. Acquire as needed any training or certifications associated with the maintenance of current data, communications and learning technologies. 11. Perform all other computer or network tasks and projects assigned by the Superintendent.
- Associate degree or higher education in tech related field - Minimum of 3 years professional experience in a network administrator or IT-related role

Candidate Requirements

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Transcripts & Licenses/Certifications