Building Assistant - .5 FTE - Vacancy ID: 129724

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Building Assistant - .5 FTE
Lakeside Elementary School
Open until filled


Shannon Mraz
Employment Coordinator

Position Details

As soon as possible
$14.45 / hour
Part Time
ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS 1. Supervise detention room and in-school suspension. 2. Assist with conflict resolution among students. 3. Follow district, building, and departmental policies and procedures. 4. Maintain confidentiality of information regarding students and staff. 5. Administer drugs/prescription drugs by ingestion in accordance with school district policy. 6. Assist with the supervision of students. 7. Reinforce student learning of material or skills. 8. Operate and care for equipment. 9. Assist secretary with clerical responsibilities. OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES 1. May be asked to participate in team processes for continuous improvement. 2. Perform such other appropriate duties as may be determined by the professional staff within parameters of the master agreement, Board of Education policies, state statutes, and administrative rules. 3. Attend staff meetings as requested. 4. Participate in training as needed or directed.
1. High school diploma or its equivalent. 2. Ability to type neatly and accurately from plain copy at a rate of 45 wpm on keyboard. 3. Strong knowledge of and ability to use computer hardware and software. 4. Complete typing tasks as assigned by administration or secretarial staff. 5. Ability to interact tactfully and effectively with staff and others encountered on the job. 6. Ability to follow written and verbal directions. 7. Strong writing, language and computational skills. 8. Ability to staff position for the scheduled work day. 9. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.

Candidate Requirements

  • Resume