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Behavior Support Teacher (Connections Academy)
Mayville Middle School, Parkview Primary
Open until filled


Kara Amundson
Director of Special Education
920-387-7970 x3403

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As soon as possible
Full Time
The Mayville School District is looking to add to our special education professional team! We are seeking 1 full-time Cross Categorical Teacher (EBD emphasis) to join our Connections Academy team. Candidates with strong skills and experience supporting students with emotional/behavioral disabilities are preferred. This position teaches students who meet state eligibility criteria for Cross Categorical special education services. This position works with students who have diverse learning needs. This position provides services for students with differing IEP goals and works directly with classroom teachers and other District specialists. ESSENTIAL DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: The following duties are typical for this position. These are not to be construed as exclusive or all-inclusive. Other duties may be required and assigned. Creates a classroom environment that is safe and conducive to learning and provides the necessary supervision and builds relationships with all students to maintain a positive and productive learning environment. Develop, implement, and update College/Career Ready and Standards Based Individual Education Plans that accurately reflect student current levels of performance, effects of disability and SMART goals that will demonstrate rigorous progress in academic, social-emotional, behavior, daily living and communication. Develop and use data collection systems in accordance with best practices to monitor IEP goal progress. Deliver high-quality instruction, with a focus on social/emotional learning. Creates a supportive learning environment for all students that encourages social interaction, active engagement in learning and self-reflection. Plans instruction to achieve clearly communicated unit/lesson learning targets that reflect state academic standards and District objectives. Understands that students differ in their learning style and differentiates/refines instructional strategies to actively engage students while monitoring and improving student learning. Uses appropriate materials, technology and resources in a manner that promotes the development of critical thinking, problem-solving, student meta-cognition and performance skills. Evaluates students’ progress and provides specific, continuous feedback and progress reports. Uses a variety of assessment strategies and instruments to make short-term and long-range instructional decisions as well as individual student goals. Develops, prepares and implements developmentally appropriate lesson plans based on students’ Individual Education Plans, current level of functioning and learning modes. Maintains and respects the confidentiality of all student information/records and school personnel information. Participates in professional meetings (in-service, faculty, department, grade level, and evaluation). Participates in professional development, continuing education and professional organizations. KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS & ABILITIES: Possess good organizational skills. Ability to build strong relationships, collaborate, and cultivate a strong school culture. Experience working with a diverse population of students. Ability to manage multiple priorities and establish an efficient, flexible schedule to achieve operational goals. Strong communication skills, both oral and in writing. Strong facilitation skills. Ability to operate with a Continuous Improvement mindset and seek opportunities for feedback. Knowledge and skills in creating a learning environment that strives for college, career, and life-readiness, life-long learning, and improved student achievement. Ability to establish a rapport with youth, parents and other staff, while maintaining appropriate boundaries. Knowledge of and skill in the application of all statutes, rules, regulations, case law, and school board policies affecting student records, attendance and discipline. Knowledge of, and skill in use of, technology for appropriate managing of student records and attendance. Strong data-driven decision-making skills. Working knowledge of trauma informed schools. Working knowledge of equitable multi-level systems of support. Working knowledge of crisis intervention techniques and strategies. Working knowledge of current best practices around mental health and positive behavioral interventions.

Candidate Requirements

  • Cross-Categorical Special Education
  • Emotional Behavioral Disorders
  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Transcripts & Licenses/Certifications