Long Term Substitute-Math - Vacancy ID: 127985

Vacancy Details

Long Term Substitute-Math
Middle School


Nicole White
Director of Human Resources
920-885-7300 ext. 1112

Position Details

Full Time 1/17/22- approximately 5/2/22
Math - Middle School - Long Term Substitute (1/17/22 - approximately 5/2/22) License(s): Mathematics (1400) secondary grades 6-12 or Substitute License (#T910 or T930) required. The Beaver Dam Unified School District seeks a full time long term substitute Math Teacher to serve our Middle School students, beginning employment with the start of the second semester. The successful applicant will have the opportunity to serve students in a well-paying, highly collaborative, and progressive district. The position entails teaching three sections of 7th grade math in 85 minute blocks. The selected candidate will have the opportunity to collaborate with other members of the 7th grade math team to provide learning experiences that develop competence in math and meet the individual needs of students. Experience in working as a member of a professional learning community is a plus. Experience with Canvas, flipped classrooms, and Google are preferred. These positions require dynamic teachers with the ability to develop positive relationships with students, parents, staff, and the community. Candidates who are proficient in the use of technology and interested in serving as an advisor or extracurricular and coaching positions are valued. Candidates must be student-centered and have the ability to: - Provide a secure, comfortable, respectful, and inviting learning atmosphere which motivates and challenges students to achieve at their highest level. - Plan and deliver effective instruction that regularly integrates technology, engages students, enhances student learning experiences, and provides students with opportunities to observe, question, and investigate. - Use data to adapt teaching methods, instructional materials, and assessment strategies to meet the varying needs and interests of individual learners. All qualified candidates will be expected to: Collaborate with colleagues to improve the learning of all students; positively engage various stakeholders in the school and community; establish and enforce rules consistent with the student code of conduct. Agree to, abide by, and contribute to the collective commitments of the buildings they serve.

Candidate Requirements

  • Mathematics
  • Resume
  • Custom Questions
  • Transcripts & Licenses/Certifications