6-8 Grade Innovations STEM Academy Teacher - Vacancy ID: 160739

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6-8 Grade Innovations STEM Academy Teacher
Meadowview Middle School


Bob Sanders

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Full Time
Position Title and Location: 6-8 grade Innovations STEM Academy Teacher. Located in Meadowview Schools 1225 North Water St, Sparta, WI 54656 Duties of the Position: The preferred candidate will have experience with the subjects of Math and Science. Commit to a team environment Develop and implement lessons which reflect the district curriculum and integrates age and developmentally appropriate practices for students between the age of 11-13 in a manner that invites learning and emphasizes STEM practices. Interdisciplinary Teaching. Provide students a safe, flexible, inviting environment which nurtures student well-being and enhances learning. Hands-on, Challenged-based Teaching. Must believe in and continuously support the mission and vision statements of Innovations STEM Academy and support our professional learning community. Devote time and energy to the continued development and growth of the school during the school year and throughout the summer. Excellent listening, verbal, and written communication skills. Adheres to charter policies, by-laws, and contractual rules. Ability to foster mutually beneficial partnerships and collaborations with businesses that expand student learning opportunities and resources. Special Skills Required/Degree/Special Training Required: Must be willing to teach in a variety of grade level configurations (multi-age and team teaching). Must be able to develop a strong working relationship with colleagues in a professional learning community. Participates and utilizes the PLC structure/system to advance student learning, achievement, and success. Collaboration with colleagues is a must as well as the ability to prep for a variety of flexible groups. Must be willing and able to integrate technology on a daily basis. Strong background in current teaching strategies and methodology in literature, grammar, and reading instruction. Need to have a good understanding of all content areas that are taught in grades 6-8. Experience and understanding of RtI including programs like PBIS. Ability to provide leadership and communicate with others. Engages in activities to further develop community involvement. Demonstrates the flexibility to accept interruptions and handle problems. Demonstrates skills in organization, communication, and problem solving. Required license Number: Must be certified or eligible to be certified to teach by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction with licensure that allows for 6-8 core instruction. Work Schedule of the Position: School Year contract - 190 days per year/7.5 hrs/day This position also has professional development and meetings outside of the contracted time. Salary Placement: per negotiated agreement, beginning teacher salary is $41,400 Anticipated Start Date: 2023-2024 School year Possibility of several weeks of training/in-service during the remainder of 2022-2023 school year and summer Application Deadline: Must be received by Monday, December 26, 2022 Contact Person: If you have any questions please contact Bob Sanders, 608-366-3497, bsanders@spartan.org To Apply: Submit letter of application, resume, application, three letters of recommendation, link to license, and copy of transcripts via WECAN.

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  • Elementary/Middle Level Education
  • Regular Education
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  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Custom Questions
  • Transcripts & Licenses/Certifications