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Health Assistant
Hudson High School


Sarah Jamieson
Assistant Director of Human Resources

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As soon as possible
7.5 hours/day (approx. 7am-3pm), 186 days/year
Part Time
Signing Bonus for Support Staff whose start date is 08/15/2021 or later: $250.00 ($125 after 30 days, another $125 after 60 days of employment. JOB GOAL: To assist in the delivery of an overall district health service program. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: 1. Work with students, staff, parents, and the public in sometimes stressful situations in a positive manner. 2. Help identify children with health problems, encourage the correction of them, and alert the school nurse. 3. Serve as the initial contact person between the home and school in general health matters, referring more in-depth health concerns to the school nurse, as well as facilitating communication between the parent and the nurse. 4. Appropriately and in a positive manner represent oneself as the health assistant and clarify this to staff and parents when referred to as the school nurse. 5. Communicate with the school nurse when assessment and evaluation of a student's health condition is required or when further medical information is obtained from parent or other providers. 6. Maintain an awareness of community health resources. Communicate with the school nurse who initiates the referral. 7. Assist in providing a healthful school environment. 8. Function appropriately within the limits and roles of the position and the responsibilities delegated by the School Nurse according to additional health in-service and staff development. This includes but is not limited to medication administration following Wisconsin school medication law, as well as other procedures as delegated by the school nurse. 9. Provide personal care and procedures, e.g. catheterization, diapering, hygiene procedures, tube feedings, diabetic testing and care, and as determined by school nurse. 10. Perform other duties as determined by the School Nurse and/or principal. 11. Appraise the immediate health status of students and provide appropriate first aide. 12. Lift/or otherwise provide physical assistance to students as necessary for personal care or first aid. 13. Set up and assist with health related screenings of students. 14. Know current immunization requirements and maintain accurate health records, utilizing computer technology. 15. Maintain accurate daily health room logs. 16. Follow district policy and procedures. 17. Notify parents of sick students or students that have been injured, informing them of what has been done, and seek further instruction. 18. Submit accident reports to the principal, school nurse, and district office. 19. Keep health rooms orderly and sanitary. 20. Maintain health room inventories. 21. Attend workshops and inservices for continued professional growth. 22. Communicates effectively and in a timely manner with all stakeholders, through oral, written, and technological means. 23. Attends work regularly. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: This work regularly requires sitting, standing, walking, speaking, hearing and occasionally requires pushing, pulling, lifting, and operating machines; work has standard vision requirements; vocal communication is required for expressing or exchanging ideas by means of the spoken word; hearing is required to perceive information at normal spoken word levels and to receive detailed information through oral communications and/or to make fine distinctions in sound; work requires preparing and analyzing written or computer data, and observing general surroundings and activities; work is generally in a moderately noisy location (e.g. school office/ classroom/passageways). REPORTS TO: School Nurse and Principal of assigned building.
QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Certified in First Aid and CPR 2. Preparation as Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) preferred.

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